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Here's how you can contribute to Open Places.

  1. Weekly Writing and Photography Contests

    We host weekly contests that are designed to be thought-provoking and creative. We have selected 274 contest winners, awarding more than $360,000 in freelance writing and photography contracts and prizes.

  2. Contribute to an Existing Place

    You can submit on the pool of places our editors recommend just by browsing around the site and clicking "Submit."

  3. Suggest a New Place

    Know of a new place we should add? Suggest it. Writing and photography submissions on suggestions are also eligible for contest prizes.

Why Contribute?

You can win money, trips, and prizes just for exploring new places and sharing the things you love to do. Your contributions will be shared with world-class nonprofits, and you’ll always get a byline on your writing and photography. Contributors use their customized personal profiles as resume builders, to land jobs, and to sell books and photography.
Creative Manifesto

Open Places is different from all of the other sites that collect information on places. Every place you find on Open Places is here because we think it is good and every featured photo and article is selected and vetted by an editor. Study our creative manifesto before you submit.

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