Open Places API

All of our editorially selected and vetted content is available free to nonprofits, public radio stations, parks, schools, tourism bureaus, publications, and other approved organizations. This content can be plugged into iPhone apps, websites, guidebooks, slideshows, newspaper and magazine features, and tourism brochures.

We welcome inquiries from commercial organizations as well.

To get started you will need an API key. Email us for access.


The Open Places API exposes all of our place data including photos and articles contributed by our users. The API is read-only. Once you have your API key you can make calls to the Place search API endpoint.

Place Search

Search for places using the Open Places API.

Response Format JSON
Required API Key YES


All parameters are optional unless otherwise indicated.

Name Example Description
api_key N/A REQUIRED Your API key that was provided to you.
per_page 10 Number of results per page. Maximum of 100.
page 1 What page of the results you are requesting.
filter featured | featured_photo featured - Only return places with both a featured article and photo.
featured_photo - Only return places with a featured photo regardless of article status.

Response Fields

The response will be a JSON object containing various metadata fields as well as the array of places corresponding to the page of results you requested.

Field Description
next_page The string URL for the next page of results if there are more pages.
page The integer page number that the response represents.
total Integer representing the total number of results returned by your query.
total_pages The total number of pages in the result set.
places An array of place objects.

Below is an example of a JSON response from the API: